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Airfordable allows you to book a flight for a fraction of the cost upfront and pay the remaining balance in installments before your departure date.
1. Search for your flight directly in the Airfordable mobile app and select the one that works best for you.
2. We'll show you installment schedules that you can choose from. You are only required to pay an upfront payment the same day and then pay the balance in up to four installments before your departure date.
3. After you’ve paid all your installments in full, you'll receive access to your e-ticket information directly in the app.
Yes, we do. Airfordable charges a one-time service fee per booking which you can find in the installment plan breakdown after selecting the flight of your choice in the app.
No. You are so much more than your credit score, so we don’t turn you into a three digit number.


You can purchase a flight at Airfordable through our mobile app or on our website using a screenshot of a flight itinerary. For more info on purchasing using screenshots, see our screenshot booking FAQ.
We are working diligently to transition the features you love from our screenshot booking process on our website to the mobile app. Some of the core features you will not find in the mobile app just yet including their implementation status are:
  • Specific seat selection for applicable fare classes ( In progress)
  • Round trip or multi-city flights on two or more different airlines (Planned)
  • Support for Southwest, Delta, Air France, KLM, and Kenya Airways (Planned)
  • If you need any of these features, we recommend using our website booking experience here. This will require a little more work on your part to submit your booking.
    You can use an iOS or Android device to download the app and book your flight.
    You can book flights on the major airlines with the mobile app except Southwest, Delta, Air France, KLM, Allegiant Air, Kenya Airways and TAP Portugal. We’re working hard to add support for these airlines. In the meantime, you may use our screenshot process to book these flights on our website here. Please note, TAP Portugal and Allegiant Air are restricted on both the mobile app and website booking experience.
    Your departure date has to be at least 19 days away from when you submit your booking. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.
    We accept round trip, one way and multi-city flights.
    You can have up to 7 travelers on one booking. If you need more than 7, please contact us.
    You can have a maximum of 5 bookings at a time.
    The fare cost for all tickets has to be at least $100 or more.
    Yes, you can search for flights and book on behalf of others in the mobile app. During the booking process, you’ll be asked to enter in the information of each passenger. The ticket(s) will be secured under the name of the passenger(s) you enter in, however you will be responsible for paying off the installment plan and ticket(s).
    Yes, absolutely. We love miles and a fast track through TSA just as much as you. You can add your frequent flyer number and/or known traveler number directly with the airline once your e-ticket information is released to you.
    Shortly after your last installment is processed successfully, you will receive an email that contains your six character airline confirmation code and also have access to this code directly in the app under Trips. You can use this code and the name of the passenger on the airline's website to view your reservation by clicking 'My Trips/Manage My Trips/My Booking'. If you don’t receive this email from us in your main inbox or spam folder or in the app within 24 hours, please email us immediately.
    Within 24 hours of your flights’ departure, you will be able to check-in on the airline's website under 'Check In' or at the airport and have access to your boarding pass. Once check-in is completed, the airline will give you options on how to receive your boarding pass such as print at airport kiosk, receive mobile boarding pass, or download the airline's app.
    You definitely can but there may be an additional cost per the airline’s policy. Most airlines charge a change fee anywhere between $100-$300. This fee as well as the difference in ticket price, if any, must be paid to us before any changes will be made. If you have completed your installment plan already, all changes must be made directly with the airline. We are no longer your point of contact once your ticket is paid in full.
    At this time, we cannot accommodate bookings for an unaccompanied minor. Please contact the airline directly to make this kind of booking.
    Unfortunately, our system does not accept airline credit vouchers.
    Yes, the same exact itinerary you select is secured at the time you book. However, please note, airlines may adjust flight schedules after you book for various reasons such as change in demand and other operational reasons; this is common practice no matter where you book and as such, it is beyond Airfordable's control. If this occurs, you will be notified and provided options in accordance with the airline’s policy.


    Our crystal ball hasn’t come in just yet. Until it does, we cannot predict any price changes. With Airfordable, you are paying to protect your airfare from increasing in price which can be a lot more costly than price drops.
    Yes, you can pay with any card you would like. You will need to add and save the card under Account —> Payments and then email us at to set your card of choice to that specific booking.
    We are happy to do that. Just let us know before we get a failed payment alert. Those aren’t fun.
    We automatically deduct each payment on your scheduled dates. No need for any action on your end.
    Bad dog! If anything happens to your card prior to paying your ticket in full, login and add a new card on your Account —> Payments. Then, email us at so we can update your booking to charge the remaining installments to your new card. You'll be able to delete the old card on the account page after we update the card on file for your booking.
    Absolutely. Just send us an email and we can process the payment behind the scenes and apply it to your account. We plan on giving you the ability to do this in the near future.
    We understand that life happens and you can’t always control it. Let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss your options.
    In the event of a cancellation within 24 hours of booking, the upfront payment paid will be refunded. If you cancel after 24 hours of booking for any reason, all prior payments paid are non-refundable and the remaining balance of the minimum payment amount (if any) must be paid to cancel the booking.
    Any refunds or credits determined by the airline's policy and procedures no longer involve Airfordable. Once you've paid your ticket(s) in full and you have received your ticket(s), any changes to your tickets must be done directly with the airline. The same as you would if you purchased the tickets directly with them.
    Unfortunately, our fee is non-refundable because it is for the installment plan service we fulfilled and provided to you. It's unrelated to the airline and the cost of the ticket.
    We will refund you the same amount the airline refunded you. Please contact us via live chat or email and include the date and amount of the refund so we may expedite the refund process.
    Refunds can take anywhere from 3 to 7 business days to appear back to your original form of payment. Unfortunately, we have no way of speeding up this process or refunding back to a different form of payment. You may contact your bank to see if they have faster or other options available on their end to meet your needs.

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